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What happens if my Slydz break?

Slydz revolutionary technology was designed specifically to prevent glasses from breaking. However, in the unlikely event that your eyeglasses do break, don’t fret! We’ve got your back!

At Slydz, it’s been our philosophy since day one to provide our customers with the most durable eyewear in the industry. That’s why we are one of very few eyewear companies to offer a limited lifetime warranty* on our products. The Slydz Eyewear Lifetime Warranty means that we will put a pair of Slydz back on your face if you received a broken or defective pair of glasses. Just email with  (1) a photo of the defective item, (2) a copy of your receipt or order confirmation and (3) your full name and address and our customer service team will come to your aid.

We at Slydz like to use the term “Slyfer,” which means that you are a Slydz fan for life when you purchase a pair of our frames!

*For more information on our warranty policies please email  Shipping and handling charges may apply.

Do all Slydz sides fit all Slydz fronts?

YES! The best part about Slydz is that our eyewear is 100% customizable AND interchangeable. Any side style offered on the Slydz website can be used with any set of fronts. In fact, all of our sides can be used with the reading frames as well! Our revolutionary universal hinge technology was created with the customer in mind. Customization has never been easier!

Are Slydz Rx-able?

Absolutely! 100% of our frames can be fitted with a prescription.

Where can I get my new Slydz Eyewear frames fitted with prescription lenses?

Slydz headquarters in South Florida will gladly help you out with this process. All you need to do is email and a customer service representative will take all of your RX information. If you would prefer to do this locally, almost any optical store will be able to help you out (Costco might not fill your prescription).!

Are the lenses also interchangeable?

Yes! When we say 100% interchangeable, we mean it! Our customers have a wide array of lenses: prescription optical, progressive, prism, single vision, etc. Swap them out at your leisure!

Where did you come up with the idea for Slydz?

We were sick and tired of always breaking our glasses or constantly having to buy a new pair to match our current style or personality. Therefore, we decided to develop the Slydz hinge technology to not only create a lightweight and durable pair of frames, but also to allow the consumer to change the style, color and material of the glasses with ease.

Can I customize/brand Slydz frames?

Of course! Slydz are sure to be a big hit at your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, corporate event, etc. To inquire about branding, please email and our team will gladly help!

How can I get involved with the Slydz Team?

Slydz is always looking to add new energetic sales reps to our team. For more information, please email and let us know that you are interested in joining the Slydz team!